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4 Tips on How to Deal with Job Rejection

Tips on How to Deal with Job Rejection

It is now 2021 and I just want to check if you have a job or if you are looking for one?

If you are already employed, great! I hope you have fun and I pray for more abundance for you in your career.

If you are facing struggles in landing a job, I’m here to guide you.

As a recruiter, I have the honor of being able to help numerous people land their dream job offer. But that is not always the case. I have also witnessed countless of rejections.

You deserve a pat on the back for being invited in an interview, that alone is already a win.

Out of thousands of CVs that goes straight to the bin, your profile caught the attention of the interviewer and they’re interested to know more about your experience.

Things might not always go as planned.

You may experience a few bumps along the way but the rejection that you feel is an energy that you must work through to help you land the right job offer for you.

Here are a few tips on how to help you get through a rejection and make you a better applicant:

1. It’s not you, it’s the requirement! Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t take things personally.

It may be that you did very well on the interview, but you lack a certain technical skill that is required for the position. It might also be not about your experience at all but because you weren’t able to effectively communicate your experience and stories during the interview. You can always message the recruiter and ask what was lacking in your application. Whether it be skills, or experience, it is important to know what your areas of improvement are and work towards that. 2. Identify your weakness

Now that you know what you should improve on, make it an opportunity by going through your CV or take the time to build your skills and experience.

We have a video on what a good CV looks like in one of our Recruitment 101 series. Click here and watch the video so that I can share with you what they are. 3. Focus on your strengths

We will always have areas that we should improve, but you sure have a lot of strengths you can bring to the table. List down your strengths and the contributions you’ve made from your previous job. This will help you stay focused and keep that momentum going. 4. Stay positive

Always keep in mind that there is a perfect opportunity waiting for you out there and this just simply wasn’t the one. Acknowledge what you are good at, keep your head up, work on your weaknesses and keep on trying. You will eventually get there! I hope I was helpful with the tips I shared above.

Don’t feel discouraged. If you follow my advise, you’ll be a sure hired candidate in any job you apply for.

If you want to watch more of our Recruitment 101 videos, you may click here to access our Youtube playlist.

For interested applicants, you may send your CV to

Take care and good luck out there! 😊


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