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Our Business Model

Solving capacity issues of accounting firms worldwide

Offshoring is having a dedicated team here in the Philippines that will work seamlessly with you and your firm. They will take on the same work responsibilities as your local team. 
Frontline provides the overall management of your team here in Manila. We will handle recruitment, HR, IT and manage the facilities and office space they would need while you take care of delegating the workload and ensuring that they are productive. 

Managing an offshore team will be very simple. While we take care of the operations of your team, you have enough time to focus and add more value to your firm.

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Once you nail the setup of your offshore team, you will have more time to focus on projects that will grow your firm. We are here to support you in any area you may need to make this offshoring venture a successful one.

We will manage full operations here in Manila. We recruit your superstar and set them up in our office in Eastwood. If you encounter any issues regarding attendance or productivity, our HR Team can help. We also have a full IT Support team for any technical difficulties you may encounter.

Your staff will be working solely for you. They will not be shared with any other firm. Don't treat them any different from your local team. Train them up and maximise their skills and harvest their full potential to benefit your firm.

Here at Frontline, we do a lot of things differently and 

don't work with all firms who approach us. 


We apply our own set of criteria when deciding on who to work with, 

and prefer to ensure the right fit from the start, just like you should when choosing clients in your firm.


We dive in the trenches with our clients. We use the learning we have to help our clients build a successful offshore team.


Our clients are like family to us and we take good care of our family.

"Offshore or Die!" We could have died without them. Now one year later we have a strong dedicated team and systems in place to grow the business.


- Peter  Allen

If you have concluded that an offshore team in the Philippines is the right fit for your firm, choosing the right partner is the critical next step. This creates less hassle and a higher success rate for both your firm and the staff you employ.

We've outlined a series of questions you should consider when looking for the right partner to work with to set up your first offshore team in the Philippines.

How to start offshoring in the Philippines

We've given you an overview of who we are as a specialist BPO.
Let's now move to the vital parts of setting up your offshore team 
and understand how everything works with us as your possible partner. 


We don't hire just anybody.
Only the best remains.

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The process of recruiting is not an exact science from a timeline perspective. We never know who will walk through the door. And we don't hire sub-standard staff. Candidates are put through a rigorous process. Generally, you will have someone on board working within 1-2 months of getting started on the project.

What You Can Do In The Philippines 

Accountants, Admin Assistants, Marketing Assistants and IT Support are the main job vacancies our clients request from us. We also hire Programmers, Developers, Financial Analysts and Bookkeepers. 

What You Can do in the Philippines


  • Year end compliance  

    Trust, Partnership, Individual, Company )

  • Management Reporting 

    ( Cashflow Forecasting, Budgeting, Month End Reports)

  • Attend to client queries

  • Fringe benefits tax set up and lodgement

  • Bookkeeping

  • Payroll

  • Invoicing

  • Company setup such as business name

  • VAT online registration


  • Update weekly newsletter and blog posts (ie WordPress)

  • Place orders for supplies and promotional products

  • Preparation of client letters

  • Scan and store receipts/ invoices

  • Collate and manage financial statements and other critical documents

  • Obtaining quotes from suppliers

  • Doing research on particular data, topics (i.e. for presentation purposes) and software products

  • Social media monitoring and updates

  • Calendar scheduling for meetings and travel

  • Basic Microsoft Office tasks (i.e. Spreadsheet creation and updating, PowerPoint presentations)

  • Invoice preparation and follow up

  • Creating project plans

  • Preparing systems documentation and manuals, as well as database and file management

  • Managing email campaigns

  • Accounting team support (Job preparation, finalising and arranging signoff)

  • Dealing with government bodies like ASIC and ATO (phone and mail)


  • Tracking leads information and details

  • Preparing leads report to track success rate. 

  • Responsible in keeping record of conversations of follow ups with leads.  Also gives reminders on when to contact leads.

  • Prepare proposals for potential clients

  • Support sales by arranging presentations, proposals, videos, brochures, banners etc. using Adobe Suite programs and CorelDraw.

  • Collaborate with direct head on designs of website, landing pages and other marketing collaterals. Then execute agreed upon layout and produce material.

  • Implement, monitor and edit internet ads (i.e. Linkedin, Facebook).

  • Communicate with website contractors or printing suppliers in delivering collaterals correctly and promptly.

  • Manage email campaigns

  • Preparation of newsletters and emails to be sent to clients and leads

  • Documentation of events and editing of promotional videos

I.T. Support

Client Remote Servers (includes Troubleshooting and Error repairs):

  • StorageCraft ShadowProtect​

  • StorageCraft Imagemanager

  • SBS Backups

  • Symantec Backup Exec 

    Scheduled Server Checks of Client servers:

  • ​ Small Business Server 2008, 2011, 2012

  • Terminal Servers

  • Exchange Server 2007, 2010

  • Eventlog checks for errors (and many more)

    Webhosting Checks of Client Servers:

  • Cpanel checks

  • Website Disk checks and Management

  • Webmail Management

  • Accounts Management (suspended, over-quota)

  • SPAM checks, Bandwidth usage

    Trend Antivirus Checks of Client servers:

  • Virus and Spyware cleaning and management

  • License renewal

  • Update, Component and version upgrades

  • Trend Seat allocation and acquisition

    Other Support:

  • Auskey trouble shooting

  • Remote desktop support via TeamViewer

  • Cloudhive trouble shooting (and many more)


We have a deep understanding of what business owners face each day because just like you, we run our own Accounting Firm.

Frontline Support Team

You are going to be working closely with our management team. You will know who will be helping you, especially in the early days while you are learning how to run your team.
The task of managing staff workflow and tasks rests with you, 
just like any other employee. However, we are your eyes and ears on the ground in the Philippines. Your staff are monitored by us to ensure they are at their desks working.
All Filipino H.R. and employee issues are handled by us.

The Support Team

Frontline Manager


We make sure that both our clients and staff have a successful outcome with our service. To that end, our team is held in very high regard by the Aussie, UK, and US businesses we deal with each day. Any hassles, our team will be available to help you.

Frontline Operations


Our operations team's job is to ensure the office runs like clockwork. They will be your main point of contact when you come to visit your teams in the Philippines to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Frontline Recruitment


You'll be working closely with our Recruitment Team while hunting for your ideal employee. They consider not only the skillset of the candidates but as well as their personality and habits to ensure that they hire you the superstar that will best fit your team.

Frontline Human Resources


You'll work closely with our HR Team after the employee starts. They will make sure that you and the employee are doing well. They will also be your go-to team when you have issues with attendance or productivity.

Frontline IT


Our IT Team supports all staff and clients with their security, software and cloud applications concerns. They are happy to handle any troubleshooting you may need. 

Frontline Finance


Our Finance Team will send your invoice each month. Any questions or hassles regarding payroll or cost just give them a shout. 


Don't forget that your best investment
is your people.

Office worker holding a pen

Help Your Team To Help Themselves


Awesome businesses invest in their people. They always have, they always will. 
Just as all good businesses provide development opportunities and training
for their staff, they also extend this to the offshore team.

If you are a business owner, you'll no doubt have plenty of these resources already. 
Make sure your team is able to use them. If you don't, that's fine. We can collaborate with you and share available resources that will help you know where and how to start.

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Get a copy of Offshore or Die!

Instantly access the secrets of how we successfully set up our offshore accounting team and how you can apply it to your own accounting firm.

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