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Working from Home But Feeling Unmotivated and Lazy?

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Over the past year, it's been a battle of determination vs distractions. From the usual office work, we suddenly had to transition to a work-from-home setup.

Lack of socializing, a ton of Zoom calls, bad internet connection; you get used to it over time but it still feels strange working from home.

If you are feeling "meh" about your job and have been dragging yourself to work, you are not alone.

Let's look at some reasons you may be feeling unmotivated and how you can take that next step to bring back your energy!

1. Workspace We're used to LIVING at home. Not working. It's your place to relax, play, spend time with family, and sleep. If you do not have the right environment, your brain will struggle to be in work mode.

For example, you work in front of the TV or dining table where family members come and go.

Create a nice workspace in the corner of a room and put a partition if you can. It would be better if there is a room you can convert into your home office during work hours. 2. Change of Scenery Let's say you already have a nice workspace and your motivation to work is still low, it might be time to change up the scenery.

One huge perk of working from home is the ability to take your job with you. Move to a new location. Go to a spot outside your house or near the window even just for a few hours. Some sunshine and fresh air can help reboot your system. 3. Distractions We all know it is not distraction-free in the office. But more so in your home.

Pay attention to your daily routine or work habits. Are you toggling between your spreadsheet and that YouTube tutorial? Or are you finding yourself checking out your favorite online shopping site with your sibling beside you while finishing a project you have to launch this week?

You can check your phone and browser activities to see how much time you are spending on distractions versus actual work being done. Your family members should also be informed about your breaks so they know when not to disturb you.

Plot a time when you can use your phone or other gadgets. Reading an article on Facebook or Reddit can cost you 20 minutes of productivity and derail your brain from focusing on work. 4. Your Job and Your Perspective If workspace and distractions are not a problem, then it may be about your job or your approach to work.

Are you dissatisfied with your current role? You will need some introspection.

Think: Is it the role or is it a problem with my attitude towards work? Do I have realistic expectations of my job now that we are in the middle of a pandemic? Do I want to ask for a raise or a promotion or are there still a lot of things I need to improve on? Have I been an excellent worker but am still not being valued as an employee?

Either a conversation with your manager is all it takes to make things work or it is time to find a job you can be truly passionate about. 5. Mental Health You have been isolated for some time now and are craving socialization. Connect with your friends, keep yourself fit by exercising, do not read work emails on weekends, or just find some time to rest. We all need a break from the daily grind. The stress from your job and the uncertainty that this pandemic brought us really hit everyone hard.

If you do not feel okay and need professional advice, remember that the cost of therapy should not stop you from getting the help you need. An undiagnosed mental illness may be preventing you from feeling motivated. Keeping focused and motivated takes hard work. Your level of motivation is not always going to be at 100% because as humans, our emotions come into play in our day-to-day life. So don't lose hope. Experiment on different things and once you find something that's working, hold onto it.


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