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We are in the trenches with our clients

More than a decade ago, two accountants looked at the future of accounting and then decided to become it. Frontline Accounting’s two Australian partners, Mark and Jon, have offshored all of their firm's work to the Philippines from the beginning – and would never do it differently.

This has piqued the interest of peers, who wanted to try the setup. Mark and Jon offered their help and sourced accounting staff in Manila for them. What initially was just a way to help colleagues, became a constant demand as a solution to capacity issues of firms in Australia. A couple of staff became close to a hundred in the first year. 

Mark and Jon's experience running their own firm offshore has kept them in tune with most partners' main pain points in their accounting firm. Adding value and providing solutions has always been a top priority in every interaction which has led Frontline to service firms internationally. 

Fast forward to now, Frontline Accounting is a multi-awarded offshore provider that has stayed true to its main purpose since day one. This is solving capacity issues of accounting firms worldwide. 

The Journey


The Accountants Who Started This All

Jon bg_edited_edited.jpg

Jon Ryall

Founder & CEO

Jon is a Chartered Accountant and Registered Tax Agent in Australia.  He first worked in public practice in 2003 for a mid-tier firm in Melbourne and further developed his career with the Big 4. 

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Mark C_edited.jpg

Mark Cottle

Founder & CEO

Mark is a Chartered Accountant in Australia and the UK and one of the co-founders of Frontline Accounting. He worked in public practice as an Auditor and as the Financial Controller of a NASDAQ-listed subsidiary in Australia.

Mark is also a ghost and doesn't have any accounts online

The Team That Makes All This Work

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