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5 Common Recruiter Pet Peeves

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Most of the previous articles were focused on helping you prepare for interviews and be a better candidate. While it’s incredibly important to do the right things in a job search, you also need to make sure you avoid the wrong things.

We’ve prepared a list of common recruiter pet peeves that we all need to avoid and learn from:

1. Unprepared The last thing recruiters want to hear during an interview are applicants knowing nothing about the company he or she is applying for and being unsure of the requirements for the job. It is expected that applicants should do research about the role and the company before every interview. You won't get all the information online, but having a basic understanding of what you're getting into is a good indication of your determination. The same goes for dressing appropriately, some applicants would show up with messy hair or inappropriate clothing. You should still dress to impress even if most interviews nowadays are done online. It is also a good way to boost your confidence and make a better first impression. 2. Rudeness Unfortunately, we, recruiters have encountered applicants who are unnecessarily rude. We’ve encountered people who come off as arrogant or as having a superiority complex – be grateful for the time the employer is giving you and be sure to thank them for it! Some would be busy playing with their phones, talking to someone else, or even typing in the middle of interviews. There are also applicants who won’t even give the recruiters a chance to finish their sentences and would just straight up interrupt us while talking. Job seekers should be polite and approachable if they want to put themselves in good stead of being chosen for the role. Rudeness is unnecessary and it will not get you anywhere in life. Nobody wants to work with someone who is rude and unpleasant towards them. 3. Tardiness/No Shows This one is pretty simple – once you confirm your attendance, we expect you to show up on time. Our days run according to schedule to accommodate as many applicants as we can. It is very easy to send a text or email to the recruiter if you really cannot attend the schedule instead of just pulling a disappearing act. 4. Long & Overly Creative Resumes We receive 500 resumes in a week on average and it’s safe to say we’ve seen all sorts and forms of a resume. It’s a wonder how an applicant would prepare a 10-page CV and expect recruiters to read every line, aside from it is time-consuming, we don’t really need that much information when shortlisting applicants. Ideally, your resume should only have 2-3 pages. Make it simple, readable and save those little details for the interview. 5. Bad-mouthing previous employer(s) Never trash-talk your former employer in an interview. An applicant should never complain about their former supervisor or organization. Speaking negatively about the previous job will definitely be a blunder as most of the recruiters hate this.

Being in recruitment is one of the most rewarding jobs there is. We get to connect hundreds of people to their dream jobs and be part of their journey as they grow professionally. Being in recruitment is not a walk in the park, we also encounter bumps along the road and most of them happen during interviews. If you are getting more interview invitations than job offers, then it might be time to reflect on your behavior during interviews.


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