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Recruiter Tips: How to Impress Recruiters with Your Online Profile

As you know, job hunting has become so accessible in this digital era that you can use your mobile phone to get it done. A single click or tap can start your journey towards landing your dream job, but the process shouldn't halt there.

Recruiters go above and beyond to scroll through your online profile, not just to fact-check but also to peek into your personality, work ethics, and the quality of your work.

Think of your online profile as a museum that recruiters like to visit! So, consider taking a few minutes to curate it and carefully choose what you present to the online community. 

To help you out, let me share with you what we, recruiters, would like to see in our candidates’ web profiles: 

  1. Make It Professional – Invest a moment to refine your online profile because what may appear little can carry significant weight. Opt for a standard shot of your smiling face over beach or wedding snapshots and remember that your real name beats the mystery of "Who One DeLa CruZ" or “Ma Ria” any day. Beyond that, maintain a professional tone in your written communication. As much as we appreciate you showcasing your personality, avoid emails like “” Think about how you would present yourself and address clients or bosses.  

  2. Keep It Neat – Make sure the information on your profile is relevant to enhancing your credibility as an employee and potential teammate. Maybe throw in a quick announcement that your client showered you with praise, or that you snagged that promotion you’ve been eyeing. Perhaps even a short story time of how you conquered a project that once haunted your dreams (but remember, to keep it all under a positive spotlight!). If you have time to spare and are in the mood to put extra effort, you can even separate your work and personal profile to keep things organized! Keeping track of your digital footprint is a good way to manage your online presence and ensure the absence of digital clutter. 

  3. Prove Your Work – The secret to creating a captivating internet persona is emphasizing your contributions. On top of the digital job markets. We mentioned, you can go the extra mile by creating your own website. This is especially true if your profession involves web development or graphic design where curating a portfolio brimming with successful projects can be downright transformative in the job hunting scene.  So, you might want to take a look at Carrd or Behance for example! Reminder though: ensure it will align seamlessly with your CV since it will serve as supporting evidence of your work. 

  4. Show Your Personality  It's not just about having your credentials on display. Again, you’re not just selling yourself as an employee but as a potential teammate as well. So, add some personality to it. Let it shine! Post a picture of a new interest you're pursuing, flaunt your hobbies, or reshare a meme that encapsulates your experience or perspective. You can also interact with other users by commenting on discussions and expressing your values to stand out in the virtual crowd. 

Many companies today allocate resources to establish a sourcing team dedicated to identifying and approaching candidates they consider well-suited for open positions — including passive ones who aren’t necessarily looking for a new job.   

In fact, we have our very own sourcing team here at Frontline Accounting. With them, we too make it a point to scour social media because your online presence is important to us, and we're eager to dive in and learn more about you! 

You can imagine the swift movement of our cursors towards profiles that are up-to-date and simply exceptional 😉 

If you happen to have taken notes on the tips, I just gave you and applied them on your profile, who knows? You may just be the next person we contact!


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