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Little-known Job Searching Tips to Advance Your Career

The job hunt is not just a matter of us, recruiters, finding the perfect candidate but of applicants finding the perfect company for them as well. 


Now more than ever, the right fit goes beyond job responsibilities and salary expectations. It's about finding a workplace that not only recognizes your skills, but also cultivates an environment where you can thrive both professionally and personally. 


This makes it crucial to explore beyond mainstream opportunities and focus on those that align with your career aspirations and personal work preferences. How? 


  • Read the Job Description – Review the text from top to bottom and you’ll see it as more than a list of what the company is looking for, but as clues to who they are. It could be as subtle as the language used or as straightforward as a description. Take this as an example and ask yourself in the end if it is an organization you would want to be a part of:

  • Take Advantage of the Interview/s – Interviews are a two-way process because it facilitates mutual evaluation. Try observing the interviewers’ gestures, conversational style, and willingness to share information to gauge how they approach or treat their staff. Did they make you want to push through with your application or try your luck elsewhere?

  • Peek into Virtual Windows – We encourage you to do unto employers as we would do unto you in the job-hunting scene: delve into digital footprints in platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the company’s very own website among others. Look for posts about company events and employee achievements and observe how they engage with the online community. Anything you can find! Are they vibrant enough to make you want to join the team?  

  • Check Employee Reviews – When going through online presence, it’s important to take a look at both sides of the coin. Current and former staff can provide you with insights into a company’s work environment through comments about their experiences and overall satisfaction. Just remember that these are subjective so look for common themes and patterns for a more comprehensive understanding. Did you like what you discovered?  

Cultural fit is paramount to a career that is both successful and fulfilling which is why companies allot time, effort and thought into the preservation and nurturing of our culture. 


At Frontline Accounting, we ensure that your professional journey doesn’t revolve solely around the tasks you perform. We want you to be in an environment where you can grow and be genuinely happy.


Don’t believe me?

See the vibrance of our culture in our most recent team trip and year-end party!

You’ll join us next year, won’t you?



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