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Mastering Job Interviews: Bouncing Back from Rejection

After giving your best in a job interview, you patiently await the interviewer's update and hold onto hope for a positive response. Unfortunately, the news you receive doesn’t always match your expectations.

It's disheartening, and it might feel like a significant setback in your career journey.

It's totally okay to feel this way 😊

Although it can be demotivating, keep in mind that your approach to rejection is just as crucial as the qualifications listed on your resume.

As someone who’s also been there, I’ll be giving you a few tips on how to bounce back:

  1. Don’t take it personally – It can be very frustrating to receive a rejection email or call, but always remember that there are things outside your control. For instance, a role may demand a skill you do not possess at the moment, or perhaps there is another applicant who better fits the experience requirements than you. Employers objectively choose the candidates they think fit the role best. So, don’t let failures make you doubt your abilities and crush your confidence.

  2. Ask for feedback and be open to constructive criticism – You can always ask the recruiter what made them decide not to move forward with your application and what you can do to improve. It is very important for you to have an open mind and a listening ear so you can work your way to improvement and excel in your next interview.

  3. Be more prepared – Once you know what areas to improve on, it will be easy for you to do your part. It may be as simple as enhancing your resume and knowing how to highlight your strengths, or something that requires time like learning to communicate effectively and developing a confident body language. Practice makes perfect.

  4. Keep going – Remember, rejection is redirection. If you gave your best and it did not go as you expected, there is nothing else that you could have done. Appreciate the experience as it led you to self-discovery and improvement. All of us have faced rejection at some point in life, and those who succeeded in landing their dream role are the same ones who persisted and persevered. Always focus on new opportunities coming your way!

So, there you have it.

While I hope you find this helpful, our goal in this series has been to empower you with tips so you can not only meet but exceed the expectations of any recruitment process. Best of luck and remember, setbacks happen to everyone. Keep your chin up and keep moving forward!

P.S. Sometimes, there's a waiting period before you can reapply. Just hang in there!



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