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We Help Solve Capacity Issues for Accounting Firms, with our
Premium Offshore Services

We've cracked the code and written the book on setting up a 
successful offshore team.

We've nailed offshoring in our own accounting firm and have helped dozens of other firms do the same

Offshore or Die Book

We have a deep understanding of what accounting firms face each day because our clients in Australia, UK and the US face the same thing.
We've written the book about it.

Frontline Outsourcing Team

We offer the solution to the main pressure points of accounting firms today.

Unblock the roadblocks that hinder you from growing your business


For a number of years now, it’s been tough to attract quality staff to work in the accounting profession, even more so in regional areas. The firms that set up an offshore team have no issues with staffing. They pay a fraction of the cost of a local equivalent for a full-time CPA in the Philippines and still get the same work output. 


 Accounting compliance services are being commoditised. With the onset of Xero and other cloud applications, there has been a significant pressure on pricing. Your competition is no longer the firm up the road - your competition is now coming from all corners of the globe.  

The same high standard you apply in choosing a new partner for your accounting firm should also apply when choosing a partner for your
offshore operations

Our clients have successfully built their own offshore team with Frontline and they've been kicking goals ever since.

In circumstances where we have lost one or two weaker members of staff in the UK through natural wastage, we have recruited excellent replacements in the Philippines via Frontline. As a result, our senior staff and managers have had the capacity to spend more time with clients. 
- Malcolm Palmer

We are very transparent and straightforward. 

Let us walk you through how we make sure your offshoring venture is successful.

Tell us what you need. We then go about hunting for the right person. Candidates are then put through a rigorous process so only the best remain at the end. 

Managing staff workflow and everyday tasks rests with you. However, we are your eyes and ears on the ground in the Philippines. We'll provide the office setup, internet, IT support, HR guidance and many more.

We still run our own Australian Chartered Accounting firm. We have first-hand experiencing with managing and training an offshore team.

Office background

Get a copy of Offshore or Die!

Instantly access the secrets of how we successfully set up our offshore accounting team and how you can apply it to your own accounting firm.

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