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When Was the Last Time You Updated Your CV?

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Whether you have been employed for a long time or unemployed and looking for a new job, you might be thinking when is it really the right time to update your resume and how often should you do it?

You probably cannot remember the last time you made changes to your resume and it’s definitely hard to update it every month. An ideal balance, therefore, is to revisit your resume every 6 to 12 months to ensure that it's accurate.

Let me also give you 5 important times to update your CV or resume:

1. When you are about to apply for a new job – Update your career objective and career summary depending on the role you are applying for. Highlight the skill set the employer is looking for and don’t just enumerate your previous job responsibilities.

2. When you get laid off or when you resign – Unfortunately, a lot of companies have downsized and have to let go of employees due to the pandemic. If you are one of them, updating your resume is part of bouncing back. If you have joined a professional organization, freelancing, or doing volunteer work, it is something worth adding to your resume. Showing that you are actively involved in an industry clears up any assumptions that you are not doing anything aside from looking for a job.

3. When you get promoted or you transfer to a new role – Celebrate moving up the ladder but don’t forget to update your resume which should always include your new position and responsibilities.

4. When you complete a big project – Did you close a major deal? Developed a new system? Any time you finish a successful project, it should go directly to your resume.

5. When you acquire new skills – Certifications and new proficiencies (e.g., learning a new software or another language) strengthen your resume so keep it current. Remove any outdated skills or obsolete software and research what skills are in demand.

The stronger your resume, the greater your chances of getting in the door the next time you apply for a job. When you do update your resume, read through it and make sure you're focusing on your most important skills, tasks, and accomplishments.

Good luck on your job-hunting!


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