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What if we train them and they leave? What if we don’t train them and they stay?

I’m not credding Henry Ford because, I can find “quotes” online that Henry Ford has made about the internet, Chat GPT and Crypto Currency, doesn’t mean he said them either! 😆

No need to understate the importance of proper training for accountants. This is a knowledge-based business after all! Most accountants have 5-7 years of intense training followed by a career / lifetime of CPD and keeping up to date with the latest updates to standards, processes, and software too!

I’ve been in this industry for over 10 years now, working with fintechs like Dext and QuickBooks but also in BPOs and accounting firms too. I’ve learned a lot through osmosis over the years without actually ever training as an accountant . Well, up until I joined Frontline anyway!

Starting my career as an engineer, process efficiency has always really been my thing but the longer I have worked with accountants, the more sense it made for me to invest in training and show that whilst I may have a different set of skills from my years in engineering & tech, I do actually understand what my core client base of accountants are trying to achieve in their day to day too!

So, knowing how important training is for me (who is clearly not an accountant), the importance of investing in adequate training for those actually doing the work is massively more important.

Frontline have always been able to help UK firms build a team with great skills and capabilities, massively increasing capacity without destroying profitability – up to this point we haven’t been able to help much on the UK training side of things - but I’m pleased to say that has all changed!

With my recent experience starting off doing ACCA-X online courses I knew that online accounting training has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years for obvious reasons! And with ACCA being a Global organisation, they also have an office in Manila! So, we engaged with the ACCA guys out there and we are pleased to announce that we are now ACCA Gold Approved Employer for Trainee Development – Which means if you would like to invest in the training of your Frontline staff just as you do your UK staff – we now have the means to do this. 🙌🏽

Training is a great incentive and retention tool for Frontline staff!

We don’t mind saying that we are very picky about who we employ, it’s usually only the top 1% of candidates that make it in every year. Yes, our standards are that high! So, we do attract the best candidates who are motivated not only by money but by continual development and progression.

So, offering something like ACCA is sure to attract and then help retain top class talent in the Philippines!

But that’s not all!

We know that ACCA is great… but it may not be right for your firm, and we do know there are many other routes that can be taken to train in a UK practice…

So, we’ve gone a step further and we’ve also partnered with BPP to offer full access to the full syllabus of:

  • ACCA

  • AAT

  • CIMA

We are very excited about this partnership, and we will be sending out further info on what our new training offering entails – keep an eye on your email and we will be sending you details on how to get your team started.

If you would like to discuss getting started with Frontline and have full access to up to date UK training, feel free to get in touch.

UK Country Director

Frontline Accounting

With over 10 years’ experience working with Accountancy Firms, BPO’s and Fintech’s like Intuit & Dext; Mark helps firms maximize efficiency and solve capacity issues with People + Technology.

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