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Tasks for an Offshore Team

We are often asked about what the offshore staff can do. Rather than answer the query with a long list, we tend to take the opposite approach. Start with what they can’t do. They can’t do anything that requires a geographical presence. But they CAN do anything else.

This subject is often simply a mental hurdle you need to jump over. People can be resistant to change. Many times a firm will tell us why they can’t do a particular task offshore. And they are always surprised when we tell them, “Well, there are lots of firms like yours doing those tasks in the Philippines right now.”

You’d be better off making a list of the things you need doing - client meetings, scanning and other such things - anything else can be done offshore.


  • Organise and lodge quarterly VAT returns

  • Year End Compliance for individuals, companies and entities of all types

  • Preparation of financial statements

  • Workpaper preparation

  • Management reporting

  • Cash flow forecasting and budgeting

  • Bookkeeping

  • Technical research

  • Payroll preparation

  • Invoicing and debtors followups

  • Contacting the taxation office/ HMRC to resolve queries

  • Company incorporations, tax registrations and registrations of other types

  • Auditing procedures of various types

  • Software setups and implementation

  • Client accounting software support and training

Admin Assistant

  • Update weekly newsletter and blog posts (i.e. WordPress)

  • Place orders for supplies and promotional products

  • Preparation of client letters

  • Scan and store receipts/invoices

  • Collate and manage financial statements and other critical documents

  • Obtain quotes from suppliers

  • Carrying out research on particular data, topics (e.g. for presentation purposes) and software products

  • Social media monitoring and updates

  • Calendar scheduling for meetings and travel

  • Basic Microsoft Office tasks (e.g. Spreadsheet creation and updating, PowerPoint presentations)

  • Invoice preparation and followup

  • Creating project plans

  • Preparing systems documentation and manuals

  • Maintaining the client database

  • Managing email campaigns

  • Accounting team support (job preparation, finalising and arranging signoff)

  • Travel bookings and planning

  • Annual return/confirmation statement filing

  • Dealing with UK HMRC regarding client’s company & personal taxes

Marketing Assistant

  • Tracking leads’ information and details

  • Preparing leads’ reports to track success rates

  • Keeping a record of conversations regarding followups with leads. Also provide reminders on when to contact leads.

  • Prepare proposals for potential clients

  • Support sales by arranging presentations, proposals, videos, brochures, banners, etc., using Adobe Suite programs and CorelDraw

  • Collaborate on website design, landing pages and other marketing collaterals, execute what’s been agreed and produce material

  • Implement, monitor and edit internet ads (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook)

  • Communicate with website contractors or printing suppliers for delivering collaterals correctly and promptly

  • Manage email campaigns

  • Preparation of newsletters and email series to be sent to clients and leads

  • Conceptualisation and execution of company events and celebrations

  • Documentation of events and editing of promotional videos

  • Respond to client/customer enquiries effectively

IT Support

  • Client Remote Servers (includes Troubleshooting and Error repairs):

    • StorageCraft

    • Shadow Protect

    • StorageCraft Imagemanager

    • SBS Backups

    • Symantec Backup Exec

  • Scheduled Server Checks of Client servers

    • Small Business Server 2008, 2011, 2012

    • Terminal Servers

    • Exchange Server 2007, 2010

    • Eventlog checks for errors

  • Webhosting Checks of Client Servers

    • C-Panel checks

    • Website Disk checks and Management

    • Webmail Management

    • Accounts Management (suspended, over-quota)

    • SPAM checks, Bandwidth usage

  • Trend Antivirus Checks of Client servers 

    • Virus and Spyware cleaning and management

    • License renewal

    • Update, Component and version upgrades

    • Trend Seat allocation and acquisition

  • Other Support

    • Auskey trouble shooting

    • Remote desktop support via TeamViewer

    • Cloudhive trouble shooting

  (and many more)

Now that you have a sample list of their tasks, you can now get your mind thinking creatively about how you can move some of your tasks to an offshore team. Just start slowly and take it one task at a time. In a couple of years, you will have transferred a large part of your tasks offshore which will end up saving you a lot of time and money.


Where to From Here

You can book an appointment with our team to learn more about offshoring and be at the forefront of the accounting industry.



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