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Behind the Scenes of the Cebu Recruitment Caravan

Hosting an event takes a lot of preparation – even more so when factors beyond our reach need to be considered. But of course, your Recruitment Team isn’t one to shy away from a challenge 😉


To broaden our horizons and meet folks we wouldn't normally bump into, our team wanted to hold an event beyond the familiar skyline of Eastwood. As expected, it wasn’t a walk in the park. It was literally a flight through turbulence as we extended our efforts to Cebu City.


I don’t mean to sound biased but from the start of brainstorming ideas up to bringing them to life, the team did an amazing job.


With very limited time before the event and holiday announcements not in our favor, the team had to work double time. Confirming attendees, chasing suppliers, monitoring campaigns – you name it, and we were on it. It was chaotic but our team dynamic proved to be strong, and we were feeling pretty confident as D-day approached.

Venue? Locked in. Supplies? Sorted. Marketing? On point. Everything was pulling together right on schedule! 

The day before the event, half of us flew off to Cebu, and we were greeted by the warmth of both the sun and the hospitality the moment we touched down. And since we’re in Cebu, there's one thing we absolutely can't miss – their legendary lechon! 

After savoring every bite of our delicious lunch, the team’s energy was back up. So, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work with setting up at the venue – none other than the cozy confines of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Taft East Gate on Pope John Paul II Avenue. Thankfully, everything went off without a hitch, our preparations went smoothly, and we were all set up in record time. 


Our nerves were kicking in as we crossed our fingers and hoped for a good turnout. And you know what? We were thrilled to see 60 candidates join us for our 2-day caravan. One of our FAm even came to visit, and several others referred friends and family to join us.


Who said job hunting couldn't be fun? The applicants seemed delighted with the in-person chat. And we didn’t let them leave to face the summer heat alone of course. On top of notebooks, we set them off with our gratitude in the form of new umbrellas 💙


Speaking of fun, since our faces were plastered all over the banners and flyers for the event, some applicants wanted to snap a pic with us. Talk about feeling like celebrities!

We even witnessed blossoming friendships as there were attendees who met there as strangers and left as friends who bonded over shared experiences and of course, our free treats for them. It was so natural that you might think some of them had been friends for years already!

Honestly, a bunch of us were freaking out because this is our first time stepping out of our cozy bubble. But as we upheld some of FA's values – acting with courage and being innovative – we were able to flip that tough situation into an exciting success!

Where do you suggest we go next? 😊



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