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Frontline Accounting is the trusted BPO in providing premium offshore accountants in the Philippines. We help solve capacity issues for accounting firms in Australia, UK and USA.

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What's the difference between Offshoring and Outsourcing?

Outsourcing a task means you are handing a discrete process or task to an outsourcing company or professional to perform for you using their systems. This could be done in your country, or offshore. Offshoring means that your work is being done offshore by someone on your own team using your systems under your supervision. They just happen to be in another location. A bit like having someone working at home, they just happen to be in another country.

What is the timeline in hiring staff?

The timeline to fill a role depends on the current pipeline but the average is 30-60 days.

What is the standard recruitment process?

The standard process involves the following:

  1. Job Posting
  2. Filter Applicants
  3. Basic Phone Screening of Applicants that Meet the Requirements
  4. Initial and Final Interview with Recruitment
  5. Tests (Aptitude, Personality, and Role Specific Exam if applicable)
  6. Reference check
  7. Client Interview
  8. Job Offer
  9. Notice Period (if applicable)
  10. Staff On-boarding/ Commence Work

Do I get to interview the applicants?

Yes. The last stage of the Recruitment process is a Skype interview with the applicant. You will have the final say if the applicant is a good fit. If you’d like a list of sample interview questions, please contact recruitment at

Do you only hire accountants?

No. We hire various roles like Admin Assistants, IT staff, Auditors, Marketing etc.

Can you train our staff?

Yes, we train AU Accountants. The training program runs for 2 months.

What software do you use in training the staff?

We use Xero package (including XPM and Workpapers) in our firm and thus rolls them out in the training. As for SMSF, we use BGL’s SF360.

I'm ready to build my offshore team, how to get started?

Contact us today and we'll give you a hand. Here's how you can reach us: - Fill up the contact form in our Talk to Us page to drop us an email - Schedule an appointment to talk with our experts by clicking the Schedule a Call button on top of our website

I’d like to bring team members back to my country. What is the process for VISA Application?

First, we check if your staff has a valid passport as it it will take 2-3 months to process if they need to make a new application. Please let us know if they’re already aware of your plans. Then we prepare the VISA. This will be paid for by us and added to your invoice. Please see the costs of the VISA below: AU – $200 AUD UK – £90 US – $170 USD The VISA turnaround can vary from 7-30 days. We may also help arrange accommodation, plane ticket, pocket money and all other details needed to ensure their training overseas goes smoothly.

Can our staff report for work on a holiday?

Yes, you can. There will be an additional rate on if you will require your staff to report for work on a holiday. The additional rate will depend on the type of holidays:

- Special Non-working Holiday = 30% on top of their daily rate
- Regular Holiday = 100% on top of their daily rate

What do I do if I have performance issues with my staff?

Our HR team will be guiding in addressing all performance issues

How does the payroll work?

There are two payouts per month paid on the 15th and the 30th of the month. The 15th payout covers the 21st to the 5th of the previous month and the 30th covers the 6th to the 20th of the current month.

If I were to get a VOIP handset for my staff, do you have a supplier whom you can refer?

Yes we have suppliers for VOIP handsets. Our Admin team will coordinate with them for you and have them setup for your team.

What is the basic computer set up for my staff in Manila?

Our basic computer setup includes 2 LCD monitors, 1 web camera, 1 mouse, 1 keyboard, 1 CPU and 1 AVR. This is also customisable to what you need your staff to use in order for them to do their job. Usually the teams with graphic designers or IT have their own setup requirements that we can provide.

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